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SCEP-Senior Community Service Employment Program
Description: The Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) is funded under Title V of the Older Americans Act to provide participants with the training, experience, supportive services, and information they need to improve their lives, gain self-sufficiency, realize their goals, obtain permanent employment and meet the needs of a demand-driven workforce. Based on their interests and goals, participants are placed at qualified nonprofit organizations or government agencies on a part-time basis where they are trained and receive work experience by performing their community service training assignment. While participants receive training, supervision and experience directly from their host agencies, their training wages and fringe benefits are paid by the SCSEP. Through their community service training assignments participants are exposed to a variety of training and potential job opportunities. The SCSEP also helps them with resume preparation, job search, and interviewing skills. Many also receive specialized skills to prepare them for local in-demand jobs. ....To be eligible for the SCSEP, a participant must be 55 years of age or older, must be a resident of the state where he or she is enrolled, must have an annual family income of not more than 125 percent of the established federal poverty income guidelines, must be eligible to work in the United States, and must be unemployed at the time of enrollment.....QTR 1..-Hire additional staff to support ARRA activities (Completed-4 Employment and training Coordinators hired, 1 Job Developer hired)..-Staff training for new and existing staff (Completed)..-Educate partners regarding ARRA funding and solicit enhanced partnerships to support ARRA goals (Ongoing)..-Research community service assignments and On-The-Job-Experience (OJE) opportunities that will prepare participants for jobs targeted by the ARRA (Ongoing)..-Research other opportunities funded by ARRA which participants may support(Ongoing)..-Step up participant recruitment efforts (Completed)..-Step up host agency recruitment efforts for ARRA participants (Completed)..-Enroll participants in ARRA projects & training assignments (13 Enrolled)..-Identify ARRA participants needing support services and specialized training services..QTR 2..-Continue recruitment, enrollment, host agency development, & support services/specialized training efforts..-Continue community service assignment training..-Begin Teknimedia, Job Ready, and OJE training for qualified participants..QTR 3..-Continue limited recruitment and enrollment efforts (only enroll participants in need of short term training since project will wind down next quarter)..-Continue host agency development & support services/specialized training efforts..-Begin Job Clubs and targeted job search activities with participants who are job ready..QTR 4..-Intense job club and job search for all reamining participants..-Determine which participants have needs which will require them to be transitioned into the regular SCSEP program...-When either employment or transition into the regualr SCSEP is not possible or suitable for remaining participants, refer them to other local services that will help them as they transition off of the ARRA project
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job training Experience Works, Inc. $431,800 $375,054