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Medical Assistance Program
Description: The stated objectives of Title V - State Fiscal Relief - of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009 are: ..(1) To provide fiscal relief to States in a period of economic downturn and ..(2) To protect and maintain State Medicaid programs during a period of economic downturn, including by helping to avert cuts to provider payment rates and benefits or services, and to prevent constrictions of income eligibility requirements for such programs, but not to promote increases in such requirements. Medicaid related highlights of the legislation include:.... - Medicaid federal match rate (FMAP - Federal Medical Assistance Percentage) is increased from its current 72.81% (FFY09) to 79.14% for nine federal fiscal quarters, dating back to October 1, 2008, with possible additional increases depending on the change in Arkansas' unemployment rates... .. - State funds must first be expended on qualifying Medicaid services to qualified individuals before the enhanced match may be drawn. .... - To qualify for enhanced Medicaid match funds (FMAP), Arkansas may apply eligibility standards, methodologies, or procedures that are more restrictive than those in effect on July 1, 2008. Further, enhanced FMAP is not applicable for costs associated with eligibility expansions that may occur after July 1, 2008. .... - Certain expenditures, including those that are already reimbursed at an enhanced rate are not eligible for the FMAP increase attributable to the ARRA..... - States must report to Federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services on how enhanced matching funds are expended and no amounts attributable (directly or indirectly) to the increased FMAP are deposited or credited to any reserve or rainy day fund of the State..... - On Wednesday, February 25, Federal Medical Assistance Percentage funding (FMAP) for the first two quarters of federal fiscal year 2009 was made available to states. The increased FMAP funding is made available to States in a separate grant award to facilitate tracking and reporting. In fact, the money has been set up by the federal government in special treasury accounts to be administered by the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. .. .. - DHS is working closely with federal officials to make sure the state is meeting the federal requirements to ensure eligibility for this additional revenue.
Contact Name: Customer Assistance Unit
Contact Phone: (800) 482-8988
Federal Agency: HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES, Department of
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Project Title Location Total Award Total Expenditure
Medical Assistance Program HUMAN SERVICES ARKANSAS DEPARTMENT OF $318,917,521 $309,461,819