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Arkansas Public Transportation
Description: This a new discretionary grant program for public transportation projects that reduces a transit system's greenhouse gas emissions or results in a decrease in a transit system's energy use.....We reported no expenditures in infrastructure because we were instructed that infrastructure included things like light rail, interstates, sewer systems, and utilities (not public transportation rolling stock, administrative facilities, maintenance facilities, (all of which have their own category for reporting) or aggregate equipment.
Contact Name: Don McMillen
Contact Phone: (501) 569-2475
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Federal Agency: Federal Transit Administration
12 Projects:
Project Title Location Total Award Total Expenditure
Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department HIGHWAY AND TRANSPORTATION ARKANSAS DEPARTMENT OF $1,253,591 $1,112,379
Arkansas Transit Association ARKANSAS TRANSIT COMMISSION INC $63,920 $0
Black River Area Development (BRAD Transit) BLACK RIVER AREA DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION $752,041 $570,339
Central Arkansas Development Council CENTRAL ARKANSAS DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL $2,301,035 $1,986,661
Eureka Springs Transit EUREKA SPRINGS CITY TRANSIT $1,744,263 $1,624,799
Greyhound Bus Greyhound Lines Inc. $900,000 $900,000
Jefferson Lines Jefferson Lines $1,563,029 $1,548,022
Kerrville Bus Lines Kerrville Bus Lines $1,388,751 $1,388,751
Mid-Delta Transit MID DELTA COMMUNITY SERVICES $1,876,832 $1,648,489
North Arkansas Transportation Service NORTHWEST ARKANSAS ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT DISTRICT INC $627,024 $389,354
Ozark Regional Transit OZARK REGIONAL TRANSIT INC. $415,000 $372,983
Southeast Arkansas Transit AREA AGENCY ON AGING OF SOUTHEAST ARKANSAS INC. $2,253,664 $1,959,151