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FY 2009 Recovery Act Justice Assistance Grant Program
Project 14th Judicial District Drug Task Force
Description: Enhance law enforcement efforts in coordinated manpower in eradicating the problem of drug abuse, production and trafficking of illegal narcotics within but not limited to the 14th Judicial District
Location: 14th Judicial District DTF
Total Award: $29,985.00
Total Expenditure: $25,523.27
Agency: Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration
Contact Name: Ronald Kincade
Contact Phone: (870) 425-8454
Contact Email: jpark132@gmail
Project vendors receiving funding:
Advanced Covert Technology
Funds received: $160.00
111 Tenth Street
Augusta, GA 30901
Phone: 496-8275

Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield
Funds received: $8,380.93
P.O. Box 3590
Little Rock, AR 72203

Bobby Braden
Funds received: $1,050.00
P.O. Box 1383
Harrison, AR 72602

Clark Office Supply
Funds received: $720.88
116 North Walnut Street
Harrison, AR 72601

Greg Harris
Funds received: $1,123.56
P.O. Box 1383
Harrison, AR 72602

Jack Holt Enterprises
Funds received: $6,000.00
3860 Highway 7 South
Harrison, AR 726015045

Joseph Jamison
Funds received: $1,187.07
P.O. Box 1993
Harrison, AR

Lab Safety Supply
Funds received: $3,172.08
P.O. Box 1368
Janesville, WI 53547

Law Enforcement Associates Inc.
Funds received: $2,853.00
2609 Discovery Drive, Suite 125
Raleigh, NC

Marilyn Mathis First Choice Insurance, Inc.
Funds received: $1,124.70
P.O. Box 1821
200 East Rush, Suite 2
Harrison, AR 72602

SAM's Club
Funds received: $305.05
2101 S. E. Simple Savings Dr.
Bentonville, AR 727160745
Phone: 277-7000

W.B. Hunt Company, Inc. dba Hunt's Photo and Video
Funds received: $1,600.00
100 Main Street
Melrose, MD 021766104