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FY 2009 Recovery Act Justice Assistance Grant Program
Project 12th Judicial District Prosecuting Attorney Office
Description: Enhance the ability of all law enforcement agencies within the 12th and 21st Judicial Districts in targeting high level narcotic trafficking offenders at all levels of the criminal justice system.
Location: Twelfth Judicial District Prosecuting Attorneys Office
Total Award: $163,569.00
Total Expenditure: $157,572.46
Agency: Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration
Contact Name: Jane Carson
Contact Phone: (479) 784-1554
Contact Email:
Project vendors receiving funding:
Cruise Uniform and Equipment
Funds received: $1,319.03
1201 Barrow Road
Little Rock, AR

Teeco Safety
Funds received: $1,326.00
P.O. Box 7784
1360 Grimmet Drive
Shreveport, LA
Phone: 424-5176