Arkansas Expands Energy Loan Program, Changes Name

Joe Holmes, Marketing and Communications Director
Arkansas Economic Development Commission

LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas (October 19, 2010) - The Arkansas Energy Office (AEO), a division of the Arkansas Economic Development Commission, today announced it is expanding the Industry Energy Technology Revolving Loan (IETL) program for certain commercial companies and private hospitals to implement energy efficiency programs in Arkansas.

Due to the expanded scope of the program the name will be changed to the Arkansas Energy Technology Loan program.

Currently $3.5 million is available. The program is funded through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Additional finance sources can be bundled with the loans to leverage larger projects.

Many of the projects funded will save money long term but require an upfront investment, such as:
replacing low efficiency equipment such as turbines, motors, lighting and HVAC
installing renewable energy systems such as the installation of wind, solar or bio-mass
recycling waste heat
implementing projects that result in a reduction in energy demand
improving a power factor resulting in the removal of a utility penalty

"The commercial and medical areas comprise more than 14 percent of Arkansas's overall energy use," said AEO Director Chris Benson. "By expanding the IETL program to include them we will be able to have a greater effect on energy efficiency in Arkansas."
Applications and requirements are available on the Arkansas Energy Office website at

For more information on the revolving loan program, contact Jeff Seiter, Arkansas Energy Office Buildings and Industry Program Manager, at 501-682-8067.