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You will find the information here on President Obama's recovery plan and how stimulus recovery funds will be distributed in Arkansas. Governor Beebe has established the Governor's Recovery Cabinet made up of leaders from key state agencies that will oversee the recovery funds.

The State of Arkansas is currently projected to receive $2.9 billion in one-time additional federal revenues, as administered by the state, split over 27 months from The Act. The distribution of these funds will be undertaken with responsibility, transparency, and appropriate oversight.

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) is intended to:

This Web site,, has been established to provide transparency by listing every dollar of the stimulus package spent in Arkansas, similar to the Obama administration's Web site established at

Arkansans will be able to access information and have questions answered on the site concerning the investment of these taxpayer funds. This is your money - and your leaders should be held accountable for how it is managed.